Rules And Regulations


General Rules

Disciplinary Policies

Bullying includes using abusive language, physical violence, teasing, sending threatening emails, social media messages, acts of coercion etc. Any form of harassment of a student, physical/mental is strictly prohibited.

Students who are subjected or witness to any kind of bullying must report the incident to the coordinator immediately. Utmost attention and stringent action will be taken depending on the severity of the offence after thorough investigation as per the Karnataka State Board Law. 

Note: False Reporting shall call for disciplinary action

A strict policy is in place which prohibits the possession, use or distribution of any illicit drugs, sedatives, cigarettes and alcohol inside/around the campus.

Banned Items

  • Pornographic material, expensive jewellery and accessories are banned in the college premises
  • Personal music and entertainment systems shall not be used during college hours
  • Audio/video recording devices and uploading of any such images/recordings of students or staff onto any internet site/portal is strictly barred

If the banned items are found in the college premises, it shall be confiscated for a period of time or as determined by the Principal. The college in no way shall be responsible for loss of such items

  • Students shall not use mobile phones during class hours
  • Before the commencement of class, students shall keep their phones in the designated lockers
  • They shall collect the mobile phones after college
  • Should a student be found using a mobile phone during college hours, it shall be confiscated by the Principal for a period of time, to be determined by him
  • The college shall not be liable for loss of mobile phones


In the event of a student failing to comply with the above Mobile Phone Usage Policy, severe consequences, depending on the circumstances shall apply

  • Students should be appropriately dressed in a manner befitting the status of Pre-University, while in the campus
  • Clothing and personal appearance should be neat, pleasant and appropriate
  • Attention must be given to personal cleanliness and good grooming including hair
  • Students should be dressed in Indian casuals


Not allowed:

  • Clothes that are transparent (see-through), hoodie sweat shirts, fitted pants, pajamas, ripped jeans, tank tops, athletic attire, T-shirts with offensive words related to any religion/politics/profanity etc.
  • For security purposes, students must be readily identifiable at all times with their faces uncovered. Students shall not wear anything that prevents ready identification such as full-face veils


The coordinator reserves the right to send back a student whose dress is unacceptable, irrespective of circumstances. The coordinator/principal shall decide on the appropriateness of the dress and his/her decision stands final.

Students must fulfil a minimum of 75% attendance to be promoted to the next grade/course. Request for leave of absence during the college term is strongly discouraged and parents are reminded, that such absences can have an adverse effect on a child’s academic performance. Unauthorised absences shall also be reflected in the Attendance Summary sent to the Pre-University Board.

  • Planned Leave: Students need to produce a leave note before taking planned leaves mentioning the duration and reason for any such leaves.
  • Sick Leave: Students need to produce a sick note from the parents (email or physical letter)
  • Continued absence: If a student is absent for two consecutive days, parents are required to send an email to the college stating the reasons. In the absence of an email, the Coordinator shall call the parents after two days. 


If a student is absent for more than 2 consecutive days and if the leave does not fall in the authorized leave category*, the failure to meet the attendance criteria for promotion shall be highlighted to the parents by February of the academic year by the Principal/Coordinator.

Return from absence: On return to college, it shall be the student’s responsibility to catch up on the missed work. Quizzes/tests shall not be reconducted. In case of absence during an exam, parents have to provide formal documentation and meet the Coordinator/Principal.

*Apart from planned & sick leaves, all other leave shall be considered unauthorised

Students/parents need to inform the College, if the student is suffering from any injury/illness/ medical/psychological condition or if under medication to help us with an emergency

To maintain discipline, protect the safety and welfare of students, the college authority reserves the right to search a student, student use area, student locker or a student’s automobile and seize any illegal, unauthorized or contraband materials discovered in the search.

  • Students are strictly barred from taking tuitions from outside
  • Students shall not contact any Professor of CFAL for personal tuitions
  • Students are advised not to refer any guide/notes from outside other than the prescribed text books/reference books mentioned by the teachers
  • Each student shall maintain a separate note book for each subject. Scribbling on rough book, a piece of paper is not appreciated. Students are advised to follow the Cornell note taking method
  • Students shall produce their IDs to access the Library books
  • Students can take 2 books at a time from the Library
  • Students are allowed to keep the borrowed books for 2 weeks
  • Students without ID cards shall not be allowed to write their exam
  • Any malpractice detected during an examination is liable to punishment at the discretion of the Principal
  • A student absent for unit test/term exams, shall have to pay a fine

At TLC PUC, our aim is to be proactive in strengthening positive partnership between the institution, its students and parents. Effective two-way communication is integral to this partnership. Parents will be regularly informed about the activities and development at TLC through Schoology. Schoology shall provide students regular updates on grades, attendance, study material, holiday list, events etc.

From parents, the college seeks timely, honest and complete information about their child. Parents shall ensure that the contact information they have provided to the college remains accurate and updated. All communication between the college and parents will be respectful, professional and underpinned by considerations of appropriate privacy and confidentiality principles.