Aditya Prakash represented India at the
International Math Olympiad
held at
Rio de janeiro – Brazil in July 2017
A first for Karnataka after 21 years!
He is one among the only 6 students selected from the country

Prathyush represents India at the
International Olympiad
in Astronomy and Astrophysics-2018
at Beijing in China
He is one among the only 5 students selected from the country.
Only student from south India
Selected for ROSS Math camp held at Ohio state university
He is one among only 3 students selected from the country

Olympiads are internationally recognised competitions in various fields of knowledge. They are the highest level examinations and are hosted by different countries every year. The Olympiads examinations are conducted in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and junior science. The broad goals of the centre are to promote equity and excellence in science and mathematics education from primary to undergraduate college level, and encourage the growth of scientific literacy in the country.

Highest selections to 2nd stage Olympiads -2018
Prathyush State topper in Physics.

CFAL Students of Class 10 moving to PUC / XI std. in 2019
Foundation for Olympiads
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