Foundation (4-6)

Middle School - Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore

The Middle School program for students of Class 4-6 emphasizes the learning of STEM subjects. Our program offers Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore and is designed to create an environment where subjects and problems are presented in an engaging manner. 

Many schools present STEM subjects in a fixed format and they are soon viewed as being “difficult”. We see these subjects as exciting and explore them in different dimensions. Children attending our foundation programs can get a thorough understanding of basic concepts and have a unique opportunity to explore the amazing world of math and science!

Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore - Highlights

Our Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore are based on three teaching strategies

The active learning strategy

The cognitive activation strategy

Singapore Math

Singapore Math helps students not just learn but truly master concepts. The main aim is to make sure that students understand things on a deeper level that would be useful not just for the exam, but life itself. This is about learning that goes beyond textbook knowledge and exams.

In addition, we provide Mindset training that aims to develop 4 different mindsets in students –

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