Foundation (1-3)

Primary School Program - Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore

CFAL’s Primary School Program offers Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore for students of class 1-3 as part of our effort to set a strong foundation for young minds. Our Primary School program is designed to help prepare students for competitive entrance and board exams that they will eventually have to answer. This course helps students identify their core strengths and focus on pursuing their goals. It gives students the required confidence that would motivate them for a brighter future.

The main advantage of Activity Based Learning (ABL) is that it allows the students to study as per his or her aptitude and skill. It focuses on what’s best for the student. It is child-friendly educational aid that fosters self-learning.

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Our Maths and Science Tuitions in Mangalore are based on three teaching strategies

The active learning strategy

The cognitive activation strategy

Singapore Math

Singapore Math helps students not just learn but truly master concepts. The main aim is to make sure that students understand things on a deeper level that would be useful not just for the exam, but life itself. This is about learning that goes beyond textbook knowledge and exams.

In addition, we provide Mindset training that aims to develop 4 different mindsets in students –

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