FOUNDATION offers on concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the children. Brilliant student in high school lose interest in their studies, because of several reasons, and some of them are, boredom, the application of the concepts isn’t clarified, the teachers practices have different relationship with student self-concepts, and higher anxiety when exposed to complex math.  Most of the STEM concepts used at advanced level are learnt in high school and having a deep understand of the concepts reduce student anxiety when exposed to complex concept in JEE or later in engineering or pure sciences.  Students whose concepts aren’t clear, have higher anxiety and fear of failure, which lower their performance later in life.

The Mediating factors for good performance are:

  • Peers: Having hard-working friends can increase mathematics self-concept, but students can develop lower beliefs in their own ability when they compare themselves to higher-achieving peers
  • Parents may transfer their feelings about mathematics to their children, even high-performing ones
  • Teachers’ practices can have a different relationship with students self-concept and anxiety depending on students’ familiarity with mathematics.

We at CFAL provide and environment where the best students in Mangalore get together, learn and compete with each other. We believe in teaching student to solve multiple, diverse problems related to the topic being taught. The student who are able to resolve the problem taught is school, or resolve a similar problem with different numbers, might not have a deep understanding of the concept. While this might be sufficient to excel in school exams, clearing national and international level exams requires a deeper understanding that can come through solving multiple and harder problems that aren’t in textbooks. Our holistic learning approach ensures the success/improvement of students of class 7thto 10th in their school exams, boards, NTSE and several national/international Olympiads such as NSEP/NSEB/NSEC/NSEA, IJSO, NMTC, RMO and private Olympiads like IMO, NSO, NSTSE, etc. Foundation courses have been specially designed with a view to prepare students of class 7th to10th by building a firm foundation of every concept. The periodic tests at are planned in such a manner which evaluates the profundity of students’ learning and the multidimensional analysis reports of the test give a microscopic feedback to student on areas or subjects which need to be worked upon and improved. Along with the school level studies, students are thus geared up for competitive examinations like NTSE, various National/International Olympiads and nationally recognized awards like Balshree, National Child Award etc. The goal of the program is to get students understand the concepts, are able to apply them on complex problems and are able to compete at the national level. The program will also help you in 10th& 12th Boards & also prepare you for NTSE / KVPY and Other Scholastic Competitive Examinations. In addition, this program will also lay a strong foundation for International Olympiads by enhancing student’s potential. Students joining this program will have more time to clear their fundamentals and practice extensively for JEE (Advanced) or NEET, their ultimate goal!

Course Structure :

  • Subjects covered: In class 7th – 10th Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Studies & Mental Ability will be covered for NTSE level
  • Right mix of classes, problem-solving and Doubt Clearing Classes.
  • Comprehensive & thoroughly revised study material.
  • Periodic tests on the latest competitive exam pattern.
  • Regular feedbacks.
  • Home assignments / Workbook.

10th Foundation

Class 10th
Course Name Foundation
Eligibility Class 10th moving students
Who Should Join Students wanting to learn higher level of Science or Math, want to prepare for JEE/NEET, wanting a career in Science or math, Seeking admission to the top 10 colleges, wanting to compete in the National Level exams.
Number of Seats 30 – 35 in each batch
Examination coached for NTSE,AMTI,  RMO, NSEP, NSEC and NSEA
Admission Process Grades in High school

Examinations students will give at the high school level:

  • 1. Olympiads:
  • 2. IJSO : IJSO is a competitive examination open to students of all countries in the world, primarily studying in secondary schools. All basic subjects of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) are given roughly equal representation in the IJSO examination.
  • 3. The Junior Science Olympiad program follows the following 5 stages:
    1.Stage I: National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS)
    2.Stage II: Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO)
    3. Stage III: Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in Junior Science
    4.Stage IV: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT) for IJSO
    5. Stage V: Participation in International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)
  • 4. NTSE: The examination is conducted in 2 stages. The students who qualify second stage are eligible for scholarship. The amount of scholarship is Rs.1250 per month for class XI and XII and Rs.2000 per month for students studying under graduate and above.
  • 5. AMTI : To discover and encourage students who have the capacity for original and creative thinking, readiness to attack unfamiliar and non-routine problems exhibiting a general mathematical ability appropriate to their level.
  • 6. National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NLSTSE) : NSTSE is a diagnostic test which helps students improve their overall learning ability and educational performance. Unlike other tests which may only find out how much a student knows or has memorised, NSTSE measures how well a student has understood the concepts and provides a detailed feedback on the same, to help him/her improve. Thus NSTSE helps each student to know early, whether he/she has properly understood a concept, so that immediate action can be taken to correct the aberration and pave a path for improvement. Often, students develop conceptual gaps which increase as the students go to higher classes and turn those into a ‘phobia’ for the subject.
  • 7. National Biotechnology Olympiad (NBTO) : This olympiad is as much about creating awareness about Biotechnology by bringing in an element of challenge and competition as about inspiring the younger generation to enhance their knowledge about Biotechnology issues and to test their aptitude for taking up career in Biotechnology in future.
  • 8. GeoGenius : Geo-Genius is established by leading academicians with an aim of popularizing the understanding of Geography among the school children. Its mission is to spark student interest in Geography and increase public awareness about it, to educate the children about Earth and to inculcate a deep love and respect for the environment which plays a major role in their progress.
  • 9. Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) : It is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test. Rather than testing rote learning, through multiple-choice questioning, it focuses on measuring how well skills and concepts underlying the school syllabus have been learnt by the student. The test provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and also entire classes.
  • 10. NSTSE : Unlike other tests which may only find out how much a student knows or has memorized, NSTSE measures how well a student has understood the concepts and provides a detailed feedback on the same, to help him/her improve.
  • 11. NEST (Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test): At least 20 scholarships worth 25,000 each are provided to 20 toppers in the test. Certificates are provided to those who score more than 40%.
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