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Mangaluru: 11 students from CFAL qualify for International Olympiads

Mangaluru, Jan 13: Eleven students studying at Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) Mangalore have been selected for the second stage of the world renowned examinations International Olympiads.

The International Olympiads are the world championship math and science competitions for high school students.


CFAL student Kenrick Pinto is the state topper in both Physics and Astronomy Olympiad. CFAL student Akshara Sharma has bagged the second position in the state in the Astronomy Olympiad. With these results, the students are among the top one percent of India best in science and math subjects.

While many private institutions conduct various Olympiads, the International Olympiads are conducted by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and is the only Olympiad recognized by the Government of India.

These examinations require analytical skills and logical thinking- rote learning or memorization will not yield results. In earlier years, there were no selections from Mangalore in Olympiads. In 2009, for the first time, three students of CFAL Mangalore were selected (two in mathematics and one in chemistry). This number has increased over the years and CFAL is breaking all records in the region. In 2012, student Sunil Simha (Astronomy) and in 2013, student Sumith (Physics & Chemistry) were one among the top 35 students in the country to reach the third stage of this examination.

Besides this, CFAL student Kenrick Pinto has also obtained the first rank in the country in the prestigious AMTI (Association of Mathematics Teachers of India) examination. The AMTI is a pioneer organization in promoting and conducting Mathematics Talent Tests in India. CFAL student Shashank P has obtained the eleventh rank in this exam. In the AMTI exam, this is a record-breaking result for Mangalore.

CFAL is part of The Learning Centre (TLC) and is situated at Bejai-Kapikad Road, Mangalore.

TLC aims to promote a passion for Math and Science learning among students and has the best results in Mangalore in all STEM related examinations including JEE, NTSE, KYPY, etc. The outstanding results of students prove that given the right learning environment, children from the region can outperform their peers from the Tier 1 cities. While rote-learning and learning for the sake of marks characterizes many institutions in the region, passion for the subject is what TLC aims to attain. The outcome is deep understanding of the subject and excellence in math and science. The vision of TLC is to inculcate interest in basic sciences and to encourage research and innovation in the field of Math and Science.

Severine Rosario, programme coordinator, Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL), Vijay Moras, managing director, The Learning Centre (TLC) Sonia Moras, programme coordinator, Early Learning Centre (ELC) were present during the press meet.


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