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11 Mangalore students clear IIT entrance exam

‘Many parents don’t know that class 10 marks don’t matter’

They are B. Gautham Rao (rank 456), Anurag H.L. (5,007), Navneeth Prabhu (799), and Manu Pai (9,472) (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Panambur), Arvind N. (1,192), Anirudh Raman (1,584), and Athul N. Rao (5,126) (Lourdes Central School), and Vikshak Raj (8,186) (St. Aloysius PUC). They belong to the first batch of 30 students who wrote the examination after being coached at Manipal Career Excellence (MCE) in Kuntikan, Mangalore. Three students from Expert Group of Institutions in the city have cleared the IIT-JEE examinations. They are Sachin S. (all India rank 920) Milind S. Nimbal (2,500), and Sannidi A.S. (6,637).


Some of the jubilant bunch spoke toThe Hindu. Vikshak and Manu want to study civil engineering while Gautam and Anirudh want to take up Computer Science and mechanical/aerospace engineering respectively. Athul wants to study mechanical engineering while Arvind is waiting for counselling to take a decision.

They said that they had been seeing a trend of questions from NCERT books being asked in the IIT-JEE test. “A couple of years ago, there were no questions from NCERT books. Now, two or three of the 12 questions in the JEE are from NCERT books,” they said.

The students said studying syllabus books should be enough.

“It is about applying your brains. It needs intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ),” said Arvind. Since the total marks count, even if one subject had been done badly, one could still stay cool and get high marks in the other subjects and get a good overall score, he said.

He said: “Many students think the test is too tough. But they can definitely pass it with coaching.”

Severine Rosario, Principal, MCE, said despite Mangalore having intelligent students and good teachers, awareness of entrance examinations to institutes such as IIT-JEE, Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), and Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), was low. There was great emphasis on class 10 and 12. “But parents don’t know that the results of these examinations do not matter for getting into institutions such as IITs or IISc. These institutions have their own entrance examinations,” she said. Either there was a dearth of information or the available information was incorrect, said Ms. Rosario.

She wondered if students from Delhi and Mumbai could pass the JEE, why not students in Mangalore? “Training for IIT JEE is more to do with the student than the school. Students who can think can pass the examination. But our children are never allowed to think,” she said.

If students were trained for JEE, it would be much easier for them to write the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), Common Entrance Test (CET), and class 12 examinations.

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